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I wrote these pages for you. For your wife, your mom, daughter, sister, aunt, coworker, boss, best friend, etc. 

They are based on my journey and I hope they help you embrace the changes your body presents by learning some of the science without overly complex medical jargon.

So you know those symptoms you have are real—you aren’t crazy! How hormonal changes affect your daily life and intimate relationships. 

How proper nutrition, fitness, and supplements can help with mood regulation and boost a fading libido. 

How to talk openly with your friends and partner, foster self-love, and keep the spark alive in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, or . . .. 

The pages are full of practical advice and tips aimed at helping you radiate a different sort of beauty grown from confidence and experience. 

Thanks as always for your love, friendship and support.  

-xx DRE

Welcome to the Community 

A Virtual Wellness Space for Everybody

Programs specifically designed to help anyone whose health has sacrificed under the demands of everyday life. 

Offerings Include:

Tools that will enable you to enjoy improved physical and mental health, increased energy and improved focus. 


Time tested and proven techniques that allow you to experience profound transformation and healing.



Making health a priority in the workplace and in life

About DRE 

A leading health & fitness industry expert with over two decades of experience in coaching and leading wellness programs.

Her commitment is to help clients manage their health, elevate their energy levels, focus, and overall well-being through different stages of life with proven methodologies and strategies. Enabling them to set a new standard for how to not only survive but thrive in life.

Based in South Florida, Andrea is a dedicated yogi and fitness enthusiast who advocates for an active lifestyle.