Join Jennifer & Dre this April at Rancho Santana on their 5-day wellness holiday 

Nicaragua’s incredible Rancho Santana Resort has been at the top of our retreat destination list for some time now, and we are thrilled to invite you to reboot, recharge, and reconnect alongside the beautiful landscape of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. 

Named one of Travel + Leisure’s 10 Best Resorts in Central America, Rancho Santana is a world-class, luxury resort surrounded by 5 beautiful beaches, 2,700 acres of unspoiled forests, expansive rolling hills, and 17 miles of breathtaking walking trails. 

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a healthy mix of both, this destination has it all. The resort is best explored on foot, horseback, mountain bikes, sandboards, or surfboards ... and with a complimentary surfing lesson available for each of my retreat guests, why not? 

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About DRE

Vermont born, Florida raised yogi and fitness enthusiast, adventure seeker, music and animal lover.  

As a 53-year young living example of what is possible, Andrea is setting a new standard for how to not only survive but thrive at life. Her commitment to wellness and an active lifestyle is changing the way her clients manage their health through different phases of their life and aging in general. She has lived globally, currently resides locally in South Florida and is an avid yogi, leader in the wellness coaching & retreat industry for over 2 decades, personal assistant, and budding author.